Arriving in Auckland, New Zealand, we immediately bought tickets to the Cook Islands and Fiji, and left for the paradise islands on the same day.. Relaxation, beach, cocktails and sun was what we wanted after lots of backpacking in South America.

We arrived on Raratonga, Cook Island. A beautiful island with deep green mountains, white beaches, crystal clear water and great snorkeling.  On a cycle tour around Raratonga Island we had a drink in the dream resort, ‘ the Little Polynesian’. We were lucky to get to stay there six nights, almost for free. In return we took part in a short advertisement movie - great fun! We felt like movie stars. Tetika and team.. you are unique. We would love to come back, the next time as real guests.

From Raratonga we went on a day trip to Aitutaki - the paradise of the paradise in the Cook Islands. Though raining, a highlight.

In Fiji we joined the stream of backpackers out to the Yasawa islands. Very relaxing, some diving, Manta Rays, swimming etc.

Without a break we traveled through New Zealand to Sydney. One week of city life after a lots of nature.