We had two weeks in Japan. We arrived from Vladivostok in Russia to Osaka by plane (after three days on the train we were too lazy for a 44 hours boat ride). Osaka was a great start to Japan. Oceans of people, unlimited shopping and a Roykan Hotel with bed on the floor and paper walls.

From Osaka to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. Lots of nice temples and famous traditional Kyoto food. All the raw fish we enjoyed, also the beef, but we had some problems with the slimy things.

From Kyoto we took the Shinkansen high speed train to Tokyo. After we spent the night before in a Japanese Internet-cafe-box with TV, sofa and PC, we enjoyed pure luxury in the “Lost in Translation” Hotel. There we met Ingrid who took us to a japanese painting lesson and invited us for dinner in her home. Vielen Dank Ingrid!!!

From Tokyo to Seoul by train-boat-train. First 1’174.9 km in 5 hours 2 min with the Shinkansen (Japanese accuracy). Then three hours high-speed boat from Hakata to Pusan in South Korea and two hours “TGV” to Seoul.

Highlight was Lina’s korean friend, Eun Kim’s wedding! We were the only none-korean people out of 200 wedding guests.