Arriving in Buenos Aires we were enjoying a bottle of champagne with Donald as a welcoming. Donald fixed EVERYTHING for us. A place to stay, massage, good food, personal trainer, Spanish coach etc. We couldn’t have had a better beginning for our BA time. After a few days in BA we joined Donald to Uruguay, where we visited Montevideo, Punta del Este and Colonia.

After Donald left, seven weeks in BA were full of TANGO (for Lina), relaxation (for Paul), good food, partying, great people, workout, Spanish lessons... Awesome time!

From BA we flew to Cape Town to visit Paul’s sister and family on their vinery (www.dornierwines.com). Mami + Papi Hug also came at the same time. There we finally met Kyle, our landlord of our nice BA flat. He took us to a great restaurant and invited us to a night in his charming hotel.

After South Africa we spent our last days in Buenos Aires, enjoying BA night life, Tango and great food.