We fell in love with Cuzco, Peru immediately. Very high, 3400 meters, narrow roads, Inca culture, spirit and surrounded by mountains.

From Cuzco we travelled one day by mini-bus and one day in a 16 meter canoe to the very deep Amazon jungle, Manu National Park.  There we saw many different kinds of monkeys, a jaguar (!!!), giant armadillo (Gürteltier auf Deutsch), different parrots, many other birds and many many mosquitos.

We came back to Cuzco, just in time for the Inti Raymi Inca festival. A chance which even Bill Gates (who had a drink beside us) and Cameron Diaz (who we did not meet :-(   ) didn’t want to miss.

Next stop, Machu Picchu! Whenever you have the chance, visit this dreamlike and spiritual place!

With bus from Cuzco to Lake Titicaca and two days later over the border to Bolivia. In La Paz our small backpack got stolen. SLR, mobile phone, diary, corrected glasses, flight tickets etc. With some desperation we went on to Uyuni salt desert. Wonderful, high over 5000 meters and freezing cold!

After Uyuni we traveled down to Santiago. From there we flew off to New Zealand and finally left South America for a new continent, new cultures and languages...